VNT Analyser

Variable Nozzle Turbocharger Analyser

The new VNT is TurboClinic’s bet to replace the VNT v2. The large working area, the ergonomic design and the 21,5’ touch screen make this an extremely comfortable equipment for the user.

It bares the same reliability, precision and efficiency as its predecessor and it also uses the artificial vision to adjust the pneumatic actuators.

This is the VNT which grows with the client’s business and according to each client’s needs. It gives the client the possibility of acquiring the standard version and later update the equipment to integrate new features.
The add-ons also make this the most complete equipment on the market.


ico_apt Automatic Updates    
ico_apt Connection to vacuum and electronic actuators    
ico_apt Possibility of testing both pneumatic and electronic actuators*    
ico_apt Remote and real-time technical support    
ico_apt VNT database with more than a thousand turbochargers’ codes    
ico_apt 21,5’ touch screen with a new interface    
ico_apt Artificial vision (Exclusive TurboClinic’s Technological feature)    
ico_apt Add-ons: EAT functions, Actuator Programmer, Oil Leak Tester    

*The electronic actuator test is not included in the standard version


TurboClinic´s Oil Leak Tester is the most advanced device to test oil leaks of turbochargers. And it is one Turboclinic´s VNT exclusive feature.

Tale sistema rappresenta un elemento di esclusività del banco VNT Turboclinic.

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TurboClinic’s Actuator Programmer is the new VNT’s add-on that enables the equipment to read and program electronic actuators.
The Actuator Programmer can copy and transfer the firmware from one actuator to another, as long as they are compatible.

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