Performance Diesel Levante

Diesel Levante supplies upon request new and Reman upgraded  and performing Turbochargers thanks to the application on the original Turbo of Billett Avional Compressor Wheels branded Diesel Levante.

The Billett Avional Compressor Wheels  can be sold separately to the market specialized  workshops. Check the attached catalogue.

ico_aptMINOR TURBO LAG due to a lower moment of inertia
ico_aptLESS STRESS on the shaft allowing you to further increase the pressure (compared to the original)
ico_aptINCREASED AIR FLOW up to 20%
ico_aptINCREASED RESISTANCE to fatigue due to centrifugal force
ico_aptPROFILE of the blades more aerodynamic
The drive for greater horsepower and torque, plus the desire for high boost up to 5:1 pressure ratio, has led to the increase of rotational rotor speeds and temperatures going over the limits of the standard material used, where the traditional cast impellers are reaching their limits of durability. In high duty cycle applications such as city buses, local delivery trucks, garbage trucks, excavators, and etc, where turbocharger speed is frequently changing, standard cast same durability as MFS forged aluminum impellers.

Cast impellers suffer from durability issues, mostly the result from Low Cycle Fatigue, traceable to casting defects such as oxides or other impurities, or inconsiste At high boost pressures, the turbo can spin over its maximum allowable speed range. The impeller then ‘grows’ and deforms and touches the compressor housing contour. Such high rotational blade the rotor cause undesirable extra vibrations and frequencies, in particular when rotor speed changes frequently. Compounded by excessive balancing cuts found in many replacement products, this in turn can result in impeller breakage or blade failures, often destroying the entire Using sophisticated 5-Axis technology to carve out the blades from a solid bar of high strength aluminum alloy, MFS impellers offer superior durability, effectively addressing the weakness of a cast impeller suffering from blade chipping and hub burst.

The improvement in durability also means MFS impellers can run reliably at high speeds now demanded by many aftermarket customers. At high boost or for high duty cycle applications, it greatly reduces the risk of destroying a complete turbo caused by impeller wheel failure. With so many challenges solved by MFS technology, we bid farewell to the CAST impellers. Billett Compressor wheel in Avional are Design’ that will increase performance, rather than a similar OE geometry as a mere replacement for the same compressor housing.Our ‘BCCW’ MFS impeller features ‘slim, curvy and sexy’ design and co the most options: forward, reverse, threaded bore, boreless, 4+4, 5+5, 6+6, 7+7, 8+8, 9+0, 10+0, 11+0, tapered tips, cutback, various blade heights, various trailing angles, racing apps, 200mm, etc.

They are highly customisable and minimal order qu Our top of the range line ‘RX’ – meaning Racing Xtreme to 6+6 blades. It is the most Xtreme in terms of SlimHub, SlimNose, SlimBack, T tapered tips and light weight.These designs take advantage of the superior mechanical properties of the MFS impellers, offering weight reduction & increased air intake, while retaining the same compressor without any modification.