TCA COMPACT balancing machine

TCA COMPACT balancing machine

TurboClinic’s TCA Compact is the first bench top balancing turbochargers equipment in the world. Similarly to all Turboclinic’s equipment, it benefits from innovative and modern design, technological innovation and simplicity of operation.

Created using the same balancing principles of the TCA Pro v2, the TCA Compact analyses the balance of the turbochargers and allows them to work with standard values again.

TCA Compact is an accurate and reliable balancing equipment with the same data acquisition system and software of TCA Pro v2. It has the most advanced software on the market, exclusive design and it was fully developed by our team.
The TCA Compact fulfills the essential needs of its users in a smaller and lighter format.
*It requires the use of a computer to run the equipment’s software. Computer not included.

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ico_apt Ergonomic design for user comfort
ico_apt Ample and well-lit work area
ico_apt Intuitive graphical interface
ico_apt Test speeds over 300.000 RPM
ico_apt Accuracy of 0,005 G
ico_apt Simple to work with to reduce the testing time
ico_apt Use of the original exhaust (turbine housings) for best test simulation
ico_apt Oil temperature automatically controlled
ico_apt Ready to test the last generation turbochargers

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