Oil leak tester

Oil leak tester

TurboClinic´s Oil Leak Tester is the most advanced device to test oil leaks of turbochargers. And it is one Turboclinic´s VNT exclusive feature.

Connecting this device to the VNT (Variable Nozzle Turbocharger Analyser) is possible to check if the cartridges (chra) have an oil leak, being this way a very important working tool not only on the assembly of the turbocharger, as well on its a phase of diagnostic.

Through an innovative and improved system – air flow – (which is less dense then oil) it will allow to determine with the highest precision, safety and speed, if the cartridges have an oil leak, taking as reference the values of the new and original turbochargers (VNT database).

- Connection to VNT required.
- Not included on the purchase of the VNT.

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