New functions on Turboclinic flow test benches

New functions on Turboclinic flow test benches

We are pleased to inform you that Turboclinic has recently introduced some new functions on the flow test benches (VNT – VNT i – WORKBENCH) that will ensure you a higher speed and quality of turbo calibration work.

As specified on the attached document, the new functions will be activated “for free” to those customers who already have a test bench with the Actuator Programmer function and a valid annual subscription by the end of November 2017. After this date, the implementation of such functions will be at charge.

For those customers who already meet these requirements, the new functions are already available on their benches. You must just proceed with the update of the software by clicking on the Update Function on the monitor of your test bench. We strongly recommend you to always keep your annual subscription regularly updated in order to always have such functions operational also in the future.

You may view the new functions by clicking on the following links:

- Automatic Adjustment of Turbochargers with Electronic Actuators – watch the video
- Optimized value for best efficiency – watch the video
- Simplified Vacuum Adjustment – watch the video

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