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Electronic Actuator Tester EATv3

Diesel levante is exclusive Turboclinic distributor for Italy
Always a step ahead when it comes to technological development, TurboClinic releases the first equipment to test electronic actuators with interface in Android – the EAT v3.

With a bold image, this new version makes the EAT even more portable and resistant – now you can take it everywhere and operate it from multiple…

Actuator Programmer

TurboClinic’s Actuator Programmer is the new VNT’s add-on that enables the equipment to read and program electronic actuators.
The Actuator Programmer can copy and transfer the firmware from one actuator to another, as long as they are compatible.

With the Actuator Programmer it is possible to manually change the actuator’s operating angles.

As all TurboClinic’s equipment, the Actuator Programmer has a simple and…

TCA COMPACT balancing machine

TurboClinic’s TCA Compact is the first bench top balancing turbochargers equipment in the world. Similarly to all Turboclinic’s equipment, it benefits from innovative and modern design, technological innovation and simplicity of operation.

Created using the same balancing principles of the TCA Pro v2, the TCA Compact analyses the balance of the turbochargers and allows them to work with standard values again.


Oil leak tester

TurboClinic´s Oil Leak Tester is the most advanced device to test oil leaks of turbochargers. And it is one Turboclinic´s VNT exclusive feature.

Connecting this device to the VNT (Variable Nozzle Turbocharger Analyser) is possible to check if the cartridges (chra) have an oil leak, being this way a very important working tool not only on the assembly of the turbocharger,…