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Diesel Levante and Jrone sponsor of pilots Amedeo Venturi and Mario Montanaro

Diesel Levante and Jrone, two winning brands like The Cars and Pilots sponsored, Strong and fast running in their national championships.

Amedeo Venturi
National Championship  Rally zone 5
On Peugeot 208 R2 stable X Race Sport

Mario Montanaro
FX ITALIAN TOURING CAR SERIES Championship on Ferrari 550 Maranello team EN.RO

New flow bench equipment for heavy-duty turbochargers VNT TWIN

The VNT Twin is the first flow equipment to adjust turbochargers from heavy-duty vehicles. In addition, the VNT Twin also has all the VNT’s functions to adjust light turbochargers, transforming the VNT Twin in an unique equipment.
It has two different areas for fixing the turbochargers (left for light vehicles and right for heavy-duty vehicles). So it is now possible, on…

New TCA PRO Turboclinic

The TCA PRO is the first turbochargers’ balancing equipment that allows to measure the efficiency of the compressor wheel.

The TCA PRO’s innovative design was conceived regarding the user’s comfort. With a large and strong workbench, the TCA PRO is also equipped with the innovative fixing platform that allows to balance turbochargers from light and heavy vehicles.

Using the same balancing…

New functions on Turboclinic flow test benches

We are pleased to inform you that Turboclinic has recently introduced some new functions on the flow test benches (VNT – VNT i – WORKBENCH) that will ensure you a higher speed and quality of turbo calibration work.

As specified on the attached document, the new functions will be activated “for free” to those customers who already have a test bench…