Injectors Calibration

Third Stage Equipment

Common Rail System: CRI / CRIN – Bosch

Full repair of passenger car Common Rail injectors (CRI) and commercial vehicle Common Rail injectors (CRIN)
Packages of repair and measuring tools, assembly tools, and testers.
For workshops that already perform injector repair levels 1 (nozzle replacement) and 2 (high-pressure ring replacement).


NumBER Designation
1 Software and computer touch screen
2 Control unit, electric activation
3 Base gauge in granite
4 Stand for injector
5 Solenoid cable connection
6 Isolation test device
7 Gauge + CRI / CRIN Tool
8 Required special accessories
9 Stop sleeve injector
10 Torque wrench with angle module
11 Assembly fixture solenoid (CRI 2.1)

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