Flow bench equipment for heavy-duty turbochargers VNT TWIN


The VNT Twin is the first flow equipment to adjust turbochargers from heavy-duty vehicles. In addition, the VNT Twin also has all the VNT’s functions to adjust light turbochargers, transforming the VNT Twin in an unique equipment.
It has two different areas for fixing the turbochargers (left for light vehicles and right for heavy-duty vehicles). So it is now possible, on a single workbench, to adjust light and heavy-duty turbochargers’ variable nozzles with electronic or pneumatic actuators.


ico_apt Flow bench equipment for turbochargers from light and heavy vehicles
ico_apt Ergonomic design
ico_apt Test both electronic and pneumatic actuators from light and heavy-duty vehicles’ turbochargers
ico_apt High precision
ico_apt 21.5’ Touch screen