Diesel fuel injection pump test bench

IPC 400


The IPC 400 is a simulator to check the operation of the Injectors-Pump (EUI) and unitary injection pumps (PLD), by electronic measurement of the injection flow rate and pressure
It is built with:
A mechanical assembly, to house the component to be tested, installed on a traditional test bench. Mechanical adaptors for each type of Injector-Pump or unitary pump to be tested, have to be ordered separately
A control stand containing the electrical and electronic components of the simulator


Electronic measurement of the capacity with digital fl ow meter 8,3 – 833 cm³/min
Electronic measurement of the injection pressure of the EUI with load cell 0-2000 bar
Electronic measurement of the injection pressure of PDL with automotive pressure sensor 0-1500 bar


Power supply: 100-120 V AC; 50/60 Hz; 200 – 240 V AC; 50/60 Hz
Power absorbtion: 500 W
Flow rate range: 8,3 – 833 Cm³/min
EUI injection pressure range: 0-2000 bar
PLD injection pressure range: 0-1500 bar

IPC 300


Simulator for the control and testing UPS/PDL & EUI/PDE
The simulator IPC300 is a multi-function and multi-brand equipment suitable for testing and controlling the operating conditions of the unit pumps type UPS/PLD and injector-pumps EUI/PDE
It is built with:
A mechanical unit (cam box) capable of housing all the tools for testing the UPS and EUI. It can be installed on any conventional driving bench
An electronic control box to be placed on a trolley next to the test bench. By using the electronic unit keyboard the operator can select UPS or EUI and enter the test displayed parameters, on the alphanumeric LCD display, 4 lines each of 20 characters


Number of strokes/injection time setting
Range, measured by driving bench graduates
Instantaneous delivery with flow meter FLUX100 (optional)
Maximum pressure (UPS/PLD systems)
Solenoid control (open circuit – short circuit)
Drip control Electronic solenoid drive (only for EUI/PDE systems)
BIP (Beginning of Injection Period)


Power: 100-120 V AC; 50/60 Hz 200-240 V AC; 50/60 Hz
Current absorption: 250W
injection pressure measurement: 0 ÷ 1500 bar
PC connection: Serial port RS232
Basement dimensions: 410mm x 500mm x 370mm – Weight:50Kg
Electronic unit dimensions: 425mm x 135mm x 350mm – Weight:7Kg