Diesel Levante products and services

A complete offer of products and parts for diesel injection systems and turbochargers

Diesel Levante is leader in the regeneration and reconstruction of turbochargers, pumps and diesel injectors. It distributes its products nationally and around the world. It’s also exclusive distributor for Italy of Turboclinic equipment, including test benches, flushing benches, balancers and tester and Official distributor of Jrone Turbocharger System, a leading manufacturer of complete turbochargers and spare parts, such as Coreassy, Nozzle rings and all its components. Diesel Levante also provides the full range of coreassy for turbochargers and related components, as well as the spare parts for diesel and common rail pumps and injectors.

SALE RESERVED TO PROFESSIONALS (Workshops and Spare Parts Dealers)

 Further, by sending us a registration request in the e-commerce section of our website and after receiving our authorization, username and password you may order and purchase Jrone products and all other articles we distribute which are available in our e-commerce service.

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Address: S.S. 96 Km. 116 – 70026 Modugno (Ba) – Italy
– Phone: +39 080.5368586
– Email: info@dieselevante.com

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