Common Rail Tools

CODING Devices

CR injectors’ technology becomes increasingly complex, in a delicate balance between electronics and mechanics, where the “coding” has the dominating and final role in the repair and regeneration process.

Rabotti offers a range of electronic accessories to give support to the Diesel repair operators, user-friendly and affordable: the CODER for Delphi C3i with 20 characters, QR CODER for Denso with 16, 22, 24 and 30 characters and as from today, also IIC CODER for Siemens injectors.


IMA CODER gives the possibility to encode Bosch injectors (6, 7, 8 and 9 characters) on all Common Rail simulators with OEM specifications in the injectors’ checking.

The device comes with a software interface of Rabotti design, it is simple to use and it allows the immediate generation of the new codes for the ECU. It permits the access to the most widespread coding technology, integrating itself with the equipment already present in the workshop. 


The modern Diesel repairer cannot disregard the aid of this device, an essential tool to repair injectors. Electric tests on magnetic and piezo actuators and the reading of the characteristic values permit a correct and reliable regeneration of the CR injectors.

The vast Bosch, Denso, Delphi and Siemens multi-brand database ensures extreme versatiliy in use. The equipment that completes the set consists of Lapping Unit, Press Machine and Microscope.


SIGMA is an electronic device that combines the precision of a high range tester with excellent ergonomics. Equipped with tablet, it runs static electric tests on magnetic and piezo actuators for multi-brand CR injectors.

Since it is compact and lightweight, it can be used to make tests directly on the vehicle, before removing the injectors from the engine. The tool is also useful for those who are not specialised in the regeneration of Diesel injection systems.