Fuel Additives

Diesel Levante can offer professional fuel additives for diesel and petrol engines. Our experience enables us to provide with technical solutions in several segments and offer to the market quality, reliability and a balanced service/price ratio thanks also to a wide range of products for the use of market specialists.

Our range of Diesel and Petrol additives – DPF FAP

HP Injector Common Rail

Specific treatment for Common Rail systems and high pressure (injectors pumps and VP pumps)

Silent Common Rail

Specific noise reduction treatment for Common Rail and high pressure (injectors pumps and VP Pumps)

EDC Injector

Specific anti-seize for electronic Pumps and injectors


Specific cleaning treatment anti-seize for Pumps and traditional diesel injectors.

DPF Fap Cleaner

Specific treatment for particulate filter system cleaning.


Specific treatment for disrupting water molecules contained in the fuel (diesel and petrol)


Super concentrated treatment for petrol system cleaning.


Ecological treatment with anti-smoke specifications. It reduces smoke for more than 50%


Oil soluble treatment for cleaning of lubricating circuits.

Bat Fuel

Effective bactericidal, fungicide, algaecide, with wide spectrum of action on specific diesel fuel (hydrocarbons) with the aim of preventing fermentation in the mass of liquid.

EGR Cleaner

Specific detergent for cleaning the intake system of diesel engines

HP Injector Truck

HP TRUCK INJECTOR optimizes the combustion of diesel fuel, improving performance, driving flexibility and reducing fuel consumption and pollutants.

Winter Power

Ecological additive formulated to improve the quality of diesel fuel in colder climates